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Bush Carp Adventures 2017 – Karpioene

As summer set in over Africa we managed to do a few short sessions across the bushveld areas in Limpopo and Mpumalanga. Most of the spots were completely new to us and we didnt even know if carp were to be found. But in South Africa we have beautiful bushveld all around us and for the most part we were just up for an adventure…and hopefully a carp or two.

This video is a compilation of about 5 trips we did recently with different mates enjoying the bush and hunting some carp. We couldn’t get into the bigger specimens but we did manage to catch a few beautiful fish and every fish had a great story to tell.

We put the new Psycho Tigers to the test and also Psycho Voodoo Sweetcorn boilies and well…lets just say they took off properly!

The rodents lost!



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