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Creamy Coconut Boilies

Creamy Coconut Boilies

Making your own boilies can be intimidating. But once you catch your first Carp on home mades, you will struggle to go back. Here is a easy to make recipe with ingredients easily found at your local supermarket or health store. Enjoy!

Sweet so here is the recipe: – im using cups and spoons for measurements.

2 x Cups – Semolina
1 x Cup – Soya Flour
1 x Cup – Soya Milk Powder
1 x Cup – Coconut Flour
1 x Cup – Future Life Smart Food
1/2 Cup – Desiccated Coconut
2 x Table Spoons – Kelp Powder
1 x Table Spoon – Desert Salt

5 x Eggs
2 x Table Spoons – Coconut Cream
2 x Table Spoons – Condensed milk
1 x Tea Spoon – Coconut Essence
1 x Table Spoon – Fish Oil

Good luck!


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