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Donnies se Dikkes

After a last minute call from a good friend I jumped in the car off to Donaldson Dam Bottom lake for a quick one night session and hopefully some big carp. Armed with a few MTC and Nikl Gigantica boilies I shot through for what was to be one of the best sessions of the year. Donnies is a well known venue for big carp and has a rich history of carp fishing dating back to the very beginning of specimen angling in SA….and man did it deliver.

After arriving in the afternoon after work we quickly got our lines out and traps set before sun set. There was a cold front approaching the next day so our tactic was to get out on the spot feed a few boilies and see what happens. It wasnt long before the first rod screamed off. I quickly got on the boat to go land the fish simply because of the thick grass beds that these monsters like to bury themselves into. The fish played fair and soon it was towing me around in the bay. This was a really good fight and after almost 20 minutes i finally got the fish in the net. A lovely common with a thick body.

I popped the fish in the retainer and quickly got back to the spot and repeated the tactic as quickly as possible. It wasnt even 15 minutes after placing the rod back on my alarm when it bleeped and pulled tight. Fish on dad!! I was on with a 2nd fish for the afternoon and i only just got there. Luck was surely on my side. The 2nd fish came in much easier and it was a nice light coloured common. Both fish behaved nicely for the photo session and released into the sun set.

That night at 11pm just as i was about to hit the sack another take. This time it was a long common also pulling the scales at around the 13kg mark. This was to be the first of 4 more runs in the night. I managed to land a awesome small mirror that looked very european with a wide body and huge hump on its back. Also got a chunky big common about 30 meters out right in front of me and the last fish came around 3am which turned out to be a huge thick female with a belly of note. This fish fought extremely hard and kited way right into the swim next door. She swam into my neighbours lines which caused a bit of commotion but luckily she surrendered just in time.

This night was one of my best sessions yet and i think it was a combination of a few things that helped me get into the fish. The main thing was confidence. I had confidence in my rigs, confidence in my bait, confidence in the spot I chose to fish, and the weather also played a role. I’ve seen in previous sessions that just before a storm of weather system the fish normally go on the feed. I had no sleep whatsoever, sprained my foot in the night, broke my oar for my boat, and almost had an incident with a fellow angler at 4am… but it was worth it!



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