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Mountain Carp – Part 2

By Eugene Kruger

Most anglers love adventure and this is yet another lekker story about an adventure to a special venue we’ve been targeting on and off for a few years. This place is nothing short of magical and reminds me very much of Lake Bin el Ouidine in the Andes mountains of Morocco with its volcanic rocks and mountain surroundings. But this mini BEO lake sits in the middle of the Waterberg mountains right here in Sunny South Africa. 

Our first couple of trips to the mountains we struggled to get into decent fish but we knew they were there and it was just a matter of time before one of the bigger ones would slip up. 

On this specific trip my friend Barry and I set out with his classic 1980’s Land Rover bakkie to see if we could make magic happen and land one of the bigger fish of the mountain dam. The road leading into the private angling bank area where we were to fish is quite treacherous which is why we opted for the Landy for transport. Climbing and hopping over the sharp rocks we finally made it to our first checkpoint where our friend Sean was fishing. Sean pointed us to the road we needed to take to get to our swim and as Barry slipped into reverse something clicked and the Landy suddenly stood motionless. Something snapped on the bottom of the vehicle. With this we realised that the sun was setting fast we needed to make a decision. Are we going to focus on the Landy into the night or are we going to get to the swim and start fishing and try fix the Landy later. 

We quickly opted for the latter and started offloading all our gear into the boat for a water taxi to the swim. After loading the trailer boat with all our gear we set out only to notice that the trailer boat was slowly sinking on one side. We have forgotten to close the drainage valve and all our gear was getting soaked inside the boat. 

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