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Plaasdam Carp Stories – Part 1

South Africa is a country with a vast landscape of mountains, bush and beautiful farmlands around every town and city. Almost every single one of these farms has some form of irrigation dam which supply water to the orchards. These are known to us as Plaasdamme. As a youngster we used to fish in these dams for small carp, kurper, bass and other fish species.

As a specimen angler you are always on the look out for new water and especially water that has the potential of holding large carp and if you’re lucky a few mirror carp as well.

Karpioene anglers Immanual van Rensburg and Eugene Kruger recently found such a “plaasdam” in very a remote farming area on the highveld. The dam is known for holding big numbers of Bass and there were rumors of big carp that were washed down stream after a recent flood a few months earlier. And so we set out with our trailer, boat and plenty of bait to see if we could maybe catch one of these mysterious carp.

After a long drive on a very wet and muddy road we arrived at this remote plaasdam which was surrounded by Maize fields and seemed to be fed by a nearby spring. The dam was overflowing after a good rain shower as well which made the water slightly more murky than usual. But as soon as we arrived on the dam wall to have a look at the setting a carp jumped right in front of us and that immediately got our adrenalin pumping for the adventure that lied ahead.

Only a few hours into the session Immanual had a screaming take on his brand new Delkim alarms and it was a beautiful Mirror of around 7kg. That fish was one of the most beautiful fish that both had ever seen and it was certainly a good sign of things to come. Soon after another rod went and Imman landed a beautiful carp of 8.7kg which was sacked for more nice shots in the day time. That night they caught 4 fish.

As morning broke the action continued. Eugene landed a few carp from the opposite margins and soon the fish in a frenzy. By 11am that morning they had landed 11 carp. All in the 8-10kg range but what made these even more special was their absolute beauty. All the fish were very scaly mirrors with beautiful scale patterns that will make every carp anglers fall in love.

The session ended after 48hours with a total of 17 fish landed and a couple fish lost in the snaggy margins. This session will certainly remain one of the best most incredible carp fishing trips we had ever done. Winter is around the corner and we will certainly go fish for some winter beauties later this year so stay tuned.




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  1. Arno Scheepers

    I really want yo go and fish in that plaasdam with my nrother. How do i do that? Can we come with you guys?


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