Ridgemonkey South Africa

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There is a new monkey in the South African Carp jungle that is changing the way we fish. Ridgemonkey is a very innovative carp brand that started in 2014 by a group of clever carp anglers that wanted to solve everyday bankside problems with quality innovative products that make the overall carp fishing experience just so much better.

I remember my first encounter with a Ridgemonkey toaster in 2016 on a visit to France. This little simple piece of cooking equipment (that I still use on a weekly basis by the way) was the best thing that I brought back to South Africa. It was so simplistic yet so useful and compact and ultimately changed my eating menu on the bank forever. This was the first of many such innovative products that Ridgemonkey brought to market over the years and most of them have the same effect on your fishing. It changes the way you do things forever.

In a recent session with Divan Potgieter who is co-owner of The Urban Angler and distributors of Ridgemonkey in South Africa we spoke about their journey with the brand and the products available locally. Their products have a wide variety ranging from cooking gear, Camping equipment, Baiting products and buckets, Electronics and even a quality end tackle range. The classic and most popular being their Deep fill Sandwich toaster. Here is quick run down of the products available locally.


The Ridgemonkey Deep fill Sandwich toaster is nothing short of legendary. This little toaster allows you to cook pretty much anything on the bank in a matter of minutes. Toasties, Eggs and Bacon breakfast sandwiches, Pancakes you name it. It has a super non stick double lid that closes like a jaffle maker but allows enough space for a full pack of bacon or a decent samie. This toaster comes in different sizes and even some with modular compartments. They also have a very unique Quad Connect Stove system that allows you to connect two stoves into your gas burner using a quick release system. Cooking on the bank just got a lot better. Along with the Stove tops and toasters they also have carpy square kettles, cutlery sets, thermo mugs and utensils.


The other very popular product on the South African Market at the moment is the super powerful Ridgemonkey Vault power banks that puts out up to 77 000mah which is enough to jump start your bakkie. These power supplies formed the base of a whole range of very useful electronics that make bank side living more comfortable. Innovative products like chargeable Bivvy tables, USB rechargeable Head torches, Remote controlled Bivvy lights and Multi light that acts as a flood light or narrow spot light.


Ridgemonkey solved the problem of long hours of crushing boilies and particles. They developed the Advanced Boilie crusher which can grind a kilo of boilies in under a minute. Once you use this crusher on the bank you will never go back to the conventional hand crusher. Another baiting product is the choppa which has 5 boilie tunnels that slice up to 30 boilies in one go. Then of course there’s the carpy bait spoons for getting just the right amount of bait onto your spot.


Their bucket range is something to experience. From modular Bucket systems toToilet seats. They took the average carpy bucket and gave it purpose on the bank. Using their standard square bucket you can transform it into a chair with the Cozee Chair top or a Toilet using the Cozee Toilet seat. You can also transform your bucket into a bait crushing machine with the crusher system or use the modular system to for any tackle accessories. Their collapsable buckets really help when trying to pack as compact as possible. Ridgemonkey offers a solution to every problem you may face on the bank.

End Tackle

In the last few years RM have become one of the world’s leading end tackle producers. They make everything you can think of and more. Their line and small tackle bits are of the highest quality. Its almost too much to mention in such a short article. For their full end tackle range check out their website or visit leadings tackle shops like SNZ tackle or Ben’s Corner


They have recently brought out their Armoury Tackle box which is a really nice tackle box designed with the same innovation as their other products. The Action Station is also a very clever piece of kit. This attachable work station has a clamp designed for any round pipe like a bivvy rib or chair leg and can attach to anything. Making rig building or even just camping more comfortable. Never before seen products like Rig Racks, for hanging rigs, or Line control arms and things like Nite Glo Braid scissors are pure RM innovation.

There are so many Ridgemonkey products on the market that will make any tackle tart’s heart beat faster. Their presence in South Africa is nothing short of a blessing to our local anglers. The Urban Angler have brought the very best that the UK Specimen Carp scene has to offer right to our doorstep at affordable prices. You can find these exciting products at leading retailers like SNZ tackle, Bens Corner, Fishing Pro Shop, Timols, and more.