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Urban Carp Treasures Part 2

After Immanual caught himself an incredible looking Hybrid we were hungry to get back and see what else may swimming in the urban waters. Not having much time we set out on a day session and this day turned out to be a very good day for Carp!

We arrived early in the morning and quickly got our lines out and traps set for the day. These waters have been extremely difficult in summer and we werent sure if  would be so lucky for a second time so we kept out eyes fixed on the water. A few fish showed over spots that we knew had produced fish in the past so we made sure we were laying in good spots.

It was around 10am when the first rod ran and the fish made a dash for the middle of the dam. Which was great because of the deeper water. The fish weighed almost 10kg and we were buzzing to say the least. Any fish from an urban water is a dream fish in itself.

After resetting we just took in the amazing beautiful sunny day. Had lunch and sat around looking for showing fish. Around 2pm the same rod took off and this time it felt bigger and certainly fought harder than the previous run we had. We jumped onto the boat and eventually got to the fish. The clear water gave us the best view from the boat as the fish dove and tried its best to get away. It was really special to see the fish under the boat in such clear water.

This one was a thick 13kg fish which had broken a rib or something in the past. It had a scew back and very wide body so we dumbed it the Hunchback.

As the sun set we packed up and could not believe the amazing day we had.

Here is the video account.

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