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Academy Lakes is not only one of the cleanest and most looked after fisheries in the country but also quickly becoming one of Gauteng’s Premier Big Carp destinations.

Academy Lakes is on the property of African Blessings which is a Mission Station and Children’s Village just outside Bronkhorstspruit. The property has no less than 4 Dams and 3 Stock ponds of which the two main dams (Top Lake and Bottom Lake) are used for Specimen Carp fishing only. The property also has clean swimming pools, a function venue and coffee shop that sells all kinds snacks, drinks, food and wood. This is an venue review of Top Lake which sits on the Western side of the property.

The Dam

The dam itself is around 300m in length and 175m across at its furthest point with the average depth being around 3meters and the deeper points going down to 4.5m. The water clarity is also very clear in Top Lake. It has 5 very neatly built swims of which 4 swims are next to each other on the close bank facing the forest complete with concrete gravel blocks gallore. There is a beautiful ablution block on this bank with showers and each swim has a built in Boma and power points as well making it the perfect family retreat. My favourite swim on the other hand is Swim 1 known as Academy Corner or Kev’s Corner which sits on the opposite bank in the forest side and fishes right into the inlet of the dam. This swim is absolutely stunning and features 2 big Willow trees, green grass banks and loads of space to camp and relax. It also has a toilet The is filled with very special carp including a number of Big Koi and Mirror carp. But the bigger ones seem to be Commons of which the Lake record is a 16.8kg Common.


Top Lake has loads of features to fish to including some overhanging trees on the forest side and reed beds closer to the inlet. There are also an abundance of Lillies in the dam that are great carp hang out areas. Showing fish will always be the number one area to target, but do not neglect a staking approach which can be very productive at times. Make sure you find a solid drop when setting your traps as these fish like to feed in the clay areas and often graze right up against the margins.


Academy Lakes make it really easy for anglers with their house particles sold on the premises which is the only particles allowed on the water. They do not allow any other cooked or bought particles to be fed. The fish are very well accustomed to their particles and you can never go wrong with having that in your arsenal. Along with the house particles we mixed in some various pellets from Essential Angling including the PB Power Pellets which are nice and fishy and give out a good oil slick. For hookbaits try any off white pop-up, and also fishy Boilies for bottom baits. The carp are also very fond of a flavoured tigernut hookbait.

When dropping lines feed 2 hand full of particle and pellet mix around your drop and you should soon be in for a good fight with one of Academy Lakes Top Lake Carp.

Other info

Besides the great fishing there are other smaller dams where you can target Kurper and Bass and when the sun belts down you can always catch a dip in the clean swimming pools. Eventhough the Security on the property is on point with fencing sensors and a complete guard control room on site, it remains important to be vigilant when sleeping over. The staff are very helpful and Julio who runs the fishery is always available and winning to help out where he can.

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Eugene Kruger


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