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Alwyn Dam

Alwyn Dam

Just upstream from Rietvlei Dam lies a very secret and secluded farm dam that not only ticks all the boxes for anglers but certainly promises to become one of the favourite fishing destinations in Pretoria. Alwyn Dam is a privately owned Farm dam tucked into the secluded hills or Pretoria East  Bashewa. The dam has been kept secret for a long time but have recently become more well known amongst the local angling community. Eventhough the fish are not yet massive you can easily catch a 20 pounder and enjoy a fun day at the water side in a safe enviroment.


The Dam

The Dam was build on the Sesmyl river and is not small by any means. It stretches over 1.2km across and in most places averages about 150m wide. Its deepest points are 5m depth and even has 2 islands near the dam wall side. It reminded me of a smaller Rietvlei dam. The owners have made the angling area very comfortable with water points and build in Braai’s on every swim. There are 15 swims in total that can be booked on a very convenient website.


Fishing at Alwyn Dam sometimes can require patience when the fish are not in your area but once they move in you can get busy. Your approach should be very basic and simple. These fish are proper farm dam fish who love a good mielie and seem to like plain flavours. It really helps to locate the fish on Alwyn Dam before you start your session which will boost your confidence. Always better to place a rig in the right spot from the get go.  The bottom is very soft mud in places to make sure you have long enough hooklinks or rigs that will sit above the surface. There are few snags in the shallow area of the dam but when fishing towards the islands you should be armed and ready with a snag leader.


Feed a standard particle mix of maize, hemp and tigers. And for hook baits any maize stringer or Tigernut with fake maize will do the trick. Fruity flavoured hook baits have worked well but if those baits lay too long its a good idea to go back to plain maize stringers or plain tigers. When fishing in the soft mud make sure your hookbait is boyant – either balanced with cork or fish a popup hookbait.

Other Info

Alwyn Dam is run by really lovely owners who are constantly upgrading their angling facilities to accomodate anglers needs. There are really clean bathrooms with showers and each swim has a water point and braai. They are also uprgading the swims with little Lapas for shade on every swim. There is a “no open fire on the ground” policy to avoid any veld fires and protect the surrounding farms. But the dedicated braais make up for that and provide a safer experience for all anglers. One of the best things of Alwyn Dam is their online booking system which really makes it easy and convenient to book your swim. Click here to book

Or contact the owners

Francois Viljoen 0723471737

Bookings and Admin

Denise Viljoen 0827772769




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