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Carp Rules

Carp Rules

South Africa seems to have a grey area when it comes to Carp Fishing Etiket and Rules. In the past South Africa has been blessed with enormous fish populations not only carp but all kinds of species flourished in our clean and rich waters. But in recent years with rising human populations we have seen massive drops in certain species such as kurper and yellowfish which is mostly due to fish netting around rural areas. Anglers have also had their share in this drop in fish populations with many anglers finding the thought of releasing their catch almost taboo. This has resulted in many amazing specimens rotting away at the bottom of a fridge somewhere. Unfortunately this tradition have been passed on from our older generation anglers and many anglers still practice the keeping of freshwater fish for either selling to locals or consumption.


CarpSA is passionate about carp fishing and about keeping our local carp population safe especially the bigger carp so that we and our sons can enjoy this beloved sport for many more years and hopefully catch massive 60 pounders one day. We felt it necessary to offer a FREE Design (print ready) A2 Carp Rules poster / sign for any private or public dams to use as they wish. If you would like to print and use these Rules at your dam or feel the need sponsor your local dam with a sign – simply click on this link to download the PDF:

Click here for Carp Rules (1)PDF


We hope this will encourage all anglers to care more and preserve our large carp populations. This is an image of the Rules Template – Should you require any changes to the design or rules feel free to contact us and we will gladly ammend this design and email back at no charge. Email us 


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