Laurentia Lakes

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By Eugene Kruger
Laurentia Lakes is one of those special venues in South Africa where you are surrounded by forest and mountains and underneath the water lurks some amazing carp. The dam used to be called Rushmere. Its located just outside Roodepoort and Krugersdorp. Super close to the city but yet it feels like you are in the countryside.

It is run properly and if you’d like to fish the lake you have to first undergo a tackle inspection to ensure that you are ready and equipped to catch monster carp.

The Dam

The dam is quite a nice size – about the size of Rugby fields and in the shape of a triangle. It has 7 swims of which 2 of them have built out grass jetty’s – which are damn carpy to say the least.  5 on the one side (which has toilets and cold showers facilities) and 2 on the opposite bank underneath the bluegum trees. Loads of overhanging trees and reeds surround the dam which makes it easy to fish.


The dam is strictly boilies only. They do allow hemp from time to time as well. Another bonus is the pellets that they feed the fish with is also for sale from Shannon at a very low cost.  Bait that worked very well for us were

Psycho Original boilies paired with the local pellets from Shannon and hemp. 


Fish to any structure of feature in the water and you are sure to get a bite – also keep a rod in the deepest part of the river bed in front of you (3-4m depth) you should also get a pick up sooner or later.

Before fishing this venue make sure you know the rules and arrange a tackle inspection with Shannon before you go.

Also see this video on a session we did in Feb 2017

Highly recommended

Here is a link to their website

Eugene Kruger

Eugene Kruger


Passionate and dedicated, Eugene is an avid specimen angler with an insatiable love for the pursuit of carp in the waters. Eugene doesn't just write about specimen angling; he lives and breathes it. His experiences on the water, coupled with an insatiable curiosity, make his insights invaluable to both seasoned anglers and those just dipping their toes into the world of carp fishing.

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