Lock Nest

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Just outside of Pretoria lies a secret little dam called Lock Nest – with some pretty noticeable size carp hidden in its depths.


The dam is about the size of 2 Rugby Fields – possibly 3ha and has amazing structure and margins to fish to. It is almost completely surrounded by reed beds and grass patches all over except the angling bank which consists of 2 flat grass areas with neatly built in braaiers.  The first area or swim 1 is right at the entrance of the property and one can fish straight out into the damm wall which at its deepest is about 4.5m deep. The dam wall also has nice structure and overhanging trees to fish to.

The other area or swims 2-5 is a flat piece in front of the main house – it has a leke little dug out jetty on the right and has a nice little bay which apparently hold the bigger fish at a certain time of year. This area is perfect when you want to have a good social session with mates and like to camp close together but still have enough fishing area to fish to.

The lake record at the moment is 15.3kg Common and talks of even bigger ones being seen every now and then. There are also some Koi that swim around the grass patches. The dam is also home to large Bass and of course Barbel…which can be a nuisance at times.


The baits that worked fro carp is plain Tigers and hemp and a little mielies fed on the right spots with a fake maize to draw attention.

Flavoured tigers and mielies will also do the trick. The venue can be tricky but when it gives up its carp it is very rewarding indeed.

Booking is essential if you’d like to visit Lock Nest

Call Hester: 083 511 0344 to book.

Eugene Kruger

Eugene Kruger


Passionate and dedicated, Eugene is an avid specimen angler with an insatiable love for the pursuit of carp in the waters. Eugene doesn't just write about specimen angling; he lives and breathes it. His experiences on the water, coupled with an insatiable curiosity, make his insights invaluable to both seasoned anglers and those just dipping their toes into the world of carp fishing.

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