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Rietvlei Dam

Rietvlei Dam

By Jan Louis Vewas

Probably the dam that can be the most rewarding and most unforgiving venue in Gauteng. Where you can be fortunate to land a 40+ lb carp or go home empty handed. Clean and clear snaggy waters with heaps of features to target, from the island where carp patrol constantly to drop offs all the way to the other side of the dam (if your bait boat is able to go the distance, no inflatables or boats allowed)

Baits & Tackle

My recommendation is to be prepared with minimum 15lb line and decent 0.55mm snag leader of about 10m. Rietvlei always produces with high quality baits. Whether it be boilies, maize or Tigers. Dropping with a bait boat i would recommend filling the trays with particals and boilie mix. Hemp 10% Tigers 10% and maize 80% a hand full of freebie boilies. Fishing boilies however,

I would recommend a high quality fish meal bait like

Psycho original or

Psycho mutant boilies.

Tera-Tech’s spicy birdfood or

Tera muti boilies.

I’ve always done well with a snowman presentation, a boilie of the above mentioned and a fruit flavoured popup like pineapple.

Distance: I would suggest 120m to 180m in summer months and 200m to 300m in winter. However I would suggest 200m + distances in summer when line pressure is a factor. My preference of swims is always as close as possible to the island as it’s a natural feature, but incase you don’t have the option always try and be to the left of Nash which is a swim just around the bend of the bank as you drive in. Another productive area (especially in the spring time) is the famous sloep which is an inlet right as you come into the gate . This area is good for shorter distance fishing especially if you prefer spodding and fishing without a bait boat. Distance in the sloep to go for is between 90m and 120m into the middle of the sloep.

For any info on Rietvlei Dam Angling area: 012 480 9944 / 012 480 9945


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