Wonderland 45

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Public Venues, Venues

By Pieter Janse van Rensburg

About +-45km outside of Pretoria lies an epic little fishing resort called Wonderland 45 resort. The resort consists of a few dams layed out in and around a small river system which runs through the farm. These dams are all stocked with different species af fish like trout, kurper, bass, barbel and of course Carp! This venue is by no means a specimen venue but it does have a few very good looking carp and offers carp anglers a real chance (almost certainty) of a bite or 2.

The Venue

The venue is very well run by the owners and offers 22 campsites (quite close to each other) around the fishery on various ponds and dams. Each dam is between 20m and 100m long so not very big but ideal for the quick family trip or day session where the wife and kids can also get in on the action. The ablution facilities were very pleasantly clean and well maintained with warm water showers and there’s even a tuck shop which sells wood, ice, bait and other basic items. There are 2 carp dams (amongst others) – one if which has been stocked with only mirrors (for the mirror freaks) and the other has some stunning commons. We managed to bank a beautiful mirror of around 6kg not big but stunning fish non the less. All the camping stands have a built in braai and powerpoint which makes it very convenient. There are loads to do for the kids including feeding the farm animals at the Animal Farm section, swings and jumping castles so the little ones wil feel very welcome and never bored.


These fish are fed every day by the resort staff and have become used to the local fishy feeding pellets (trout pellets). To get a quick bite all you need is some those feeding pellets and the paste (made from pellets and bread) that is sold at the tuck shop. Mould that paste around a small pop up of your choice and you’ll be into a fish in no time.

Other baits that worked well were: Pineapple Tigernut ( DB Baits ) toped up with a yellow fake maize. Around some particles of course simply spombed out over your spot.

If you keep your spot baited regularly you will stay busy and have a great time fishing.

Like i said the venue is not your usual specimen venue and is more focused toward family fishing fun in the sun. But when you visit Wonderland 45 make sure you have your carp safety gear packed as many of the anglers that fish there are not accustomed to fish care. We encourage all specimen anglers that fish such a busy public fishing resort to practice carp care and educate as many fellow anglers on the bank as possible to do the same. This way we will build a caring fishing community in SA and our fish will live to be caught by our sons one day.

For day visits you can just rock up but for overnighters bookings are required.

To book: call 081 878 5891 or visit their website www.wonderland45.co.za and check out their facebook page.