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Bait Eggs! by Proline

Bait Eggs! by Proline

The most revolutionary bait of the 21th century!

Through the growing demand of Fishing Eggs specially for carp fishing, NEO Baits decided to develop an exclusive Range of Fishing Eggs for Pro Line. This revolutionary bait is high attractive, extremely light underwater and works appetizing. After a period of testing the Big Eggs in combination with the Feed Eggs appears to be a true instant killer! The Eggs contains proteins, vitamins and minerals like in professional Koi food. The completely edible and digestible Eggs will be supplied in a mix of 12mm up to 16mm.

“Last year Team Pro Line has tested the Eggs very intensive. After introduction in the early spring the Eggs immediately proved their self as a real killer. Because the Eggs are extremely light underwater, high attractive and appetizing the eggs have a great catchability during colder months and during the spawning periods”.

“The Feed Eggs look very much like roe! During the spawning periods you can really make the difference with this bait”.


Proline products will soon be available in South Africa. Check out more awesome Proline products

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