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Suburban Jewel of Gauteng

By Kyle Robertson

Homestead is one of the oldest and most popular dams on the East Rand when it comes to Specimen angling, but don’t be fooled, this suburban dam might not be very big (about 4km long) but can certainly prove to be very challenging to even the hardiest of anglers. A very temperamental dam, but when she’s in a good mood it could mean the session of a life time. The dam forms part of 4 conjoined dams that were originally built as mining reservoirs more than a hundred years ago (1896 to be exact) and are some of the oldest dams in Gauteng.

Homestead is surrounded by homes and only accessible from the public park side which stretches for 4km of clean cut bank side with tall eucalyptus trees all around. This also means there are no costs and the dam is free to fish at anytime – so always be safe. Homestead is home to some truly remarkable Monster carp, with 30lb carp coming out on a regular basis. The 40lbders however, tend to be more illusive but have been caught in the past which makes it a very exciting venue indeed.


Once again Homestead is spoilt for choice. There are a number of ways to target those big specimens. From structures like the far side lily pads and sunken trees in the margins to open water, if you put in the effort, the rewards will follow shortly. The river bed is also a good option for a third rod, you are sure to pick up a hungry carp sooner or later.


In the summer months a particle approach would be highly advisable as there are plenty of barbel in the dam waiting for any opportunity to pick up a high protein boilie.

Particles that work well:

Maize, Tiger nuts, Hemp, Maples, Chick peas and Kaboom’s.

In the colder winter months Homestead really starts producing some spectacular monster carps. Boilies are mostly used to catch those monsters.

All the major bait companies have at least one boilie in there range that has produced some beautiful carp.


Jurassic Carp Baits

Psycho Baits

Homemade boilies also do remarkably well here.


Homestead is packed with naturals such as blood worm, leaches, fresh water snails, crabs etc.

Make sure your bait stands out to lure those big ones into your swim.

Line pressure plays a big role at this venue, try not to push to many rods into one swim and you will be on the fish quickly. If the line pressure is too much, you might be going home empty handed.


Carp care is very important with a strictly catch and release policy. Follow these rules at all times.  Although Homestead is a public lake, the residents and carping community have built up a very strong relationship over the past few years. Please remember to always be polite with the residents and keeping your swim neat and clean. As well as keeping noise to a minimum at night.

Homestead is definitely a diamond in the rough. The perfect venue to land some fatties, make new friends and leaving the venue with the mind-set that you’ll be back regardless of the result.

Eugene Kruger

Eugene Kruger


Passionate and dedicated, Eugene is an avid specimen angler with an insatiable love for the pursuit of carp in the waters. Eugene doesn't just write about specimen angling; he lives and breathes it. His experiences on the water, coupled with an insatiable curiosity, make his insights invaluable to both seasoned anglers and those just dipping their toes into the world of carp fishing.

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